The 1913 Storm

Few storms can match the destruction caused by the gales that hit the lakes in November, 1913. A dozen ships were lost, with casualties occuring on every lake except Ontario.

1913 shipwrecks HB Hawgood Charles S Price Stmr Regina

Ed KanabyEd Kanaby

Ed Kanaby's survival story is unique in that he was one of only a handful of people to witness the final moments of four of the shipwrecks in the 1913 Storm. The Regina, Price, Wexford and Scott all passed Kanaby on their way through the gale, but each succumbed to the waves with all of their crew.

He disobeyed the captain.

"Turn into deeper water" the captain ordered. Kanaby knew their chances were better on the beach near Sarnia, Ontario. The result is seen in the photo to the left. The Hawgood and all of it's crew were safe from a tempest that stole over 250 lives. The ship was released a few days later and sailed two more trips before laying up in Buffalo.

Today divers probe the ships last seen by Kanaby and his captain. Mysteries still surround their final moments and wreck hunters are still searching for four of the wrecks lost during the "King of Storms".

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