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Each Wheelsman has a connection to certain localities. This page should help in localizing the story to your area.

Ed Kanaby: Wheelsman in the 1913 Storm

Ed was from Michigan's thumb area, born in Harbor Beach and he raised his family near Croswell. Ed died in 1993. Kanaby was 18 years old when he steered the H.B. Hawgood into the worst storm ever on Lake Huron. He and his captain watched as several ships sailed by, never to be seen again. These steamers included the Wexford, Isaac Scott, Regina, and the most famous shipwreck of the storm, the Charles S. Price.
Kanaby sees the stmr Price in the storm download
Charles Price
The Price would be found floating upside down just off Port Huron, Michigan.
The package steamer Regina was small compared to the giant 500 foot freighters that sailed alongside her. Kanaby saw the Regina taking a pounding in 60 mph winds and 30 foot waves. The crew attempted to abandon ship, but winds pushed them across the lake to Canada. No one survived.
The steamer Regina disappears from view download
Ed says the waves grew as the Hawgood approached Saginaw Bay, looking like "mountains". Captain May believed the best course was to turn around... a risky maneuver that could roll the ship over.
The Hawgood was within view of Sarnia when the captain ordered another turn, this time to avoid running on the beach. Ed felt this was a mistake, and he says he spun the wheel and let the waves push them onto the beach. download

HB Hawgood

Lloyd BelcherLloyd Belcher: Wheelsman in the 1940 Storm

Lloyd was from Victoria Harbor, Ontario Canada. He retired and lived in Mississauga until his death in 2006. His final voyage on the Novadoc began in Chicago. A giant storm was blowing in from the west, finally hitting Lake Michigan with 126 mph winds.
Lloyd loses control of the Novadoc download
The Novadoc was pushed onto the sandbar near Juniper beach (7 miles from Hart, MI.) A break amidships separated the engine crew from the pilothouse, and a rogue wave smashed in the aft skylights, washing the two cooks overboard.
The forward crew shelters in the captain's room download
Spectators gather on the beach download
Novadoc after storm
The Coast Guard couldn't find a route to the beach to launch their rescue equipment, so it was decided to wait until the seas calmed for a rescue. Three local fishermen beat them to the wreck, saving 17 survivors from the Novadoc.
Rescued by the fish tug download



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