Why do you need a Video...?

Because no other medium educates or inspires like video.

When was the last time you got swept away by a brochure?

Airworthy videos orient visitors and new employees, train teachers, teach bike safety, build churches and schools, and recruit doctors.

Airworthy videos help to raise millions for the United Way and three county foundations. We motivate viewers to fight stigma and help guide mental health consumers towards recovery.

Our commercials not only entertain, but inform on the latest products available. Airworthy videos are featured at countless tradeshows, spotlighting unique businesses and merchandise.

You'll see our work on television...

That's the difference. Millions have seen our documentaries- from neurosurgery to maritime history. Ric Mixter has appeared on network TV, including the History Channel & Discovery. His work has shown on ESPN, the Outdoor Channel, Vision Network and countless others. Now you can put his expertise to work for you.